Buick National Driven Award

Statement Of Purpose:

The Buick National Driven Award exists to encourage the driving of Buick automobiles to the Buick National and give recognition to those cars doing so when they satisfy the requirements set out below.

Age Qualification:

Each Buick must be 25 years or older.

Driven to National:

Any Buick registered for this award must be driven to the National from the county of BCA member residence, as established by the address provided the BCA by the member, and driven by the BCA member or a family member. If the BCA owner is disabled (s)he may have the assistance of others as well.

The Buick must be driven the entire distance to the National (and driven onto the judging field) without having been conveyed by plane, trailer, truck or boat any distance, or towed, pushed, hauled or in any other way transported or conveyed other than by the vehicle’s own power. Buicks located outside the continental United States may be shipped to a point/port of entry and then driven to the National.


Each BCA member desiring to compete for the Buick National Driven Award must register and pay any required fee. Once registered there are no refunds. Preregistration before a published deadline may be required.

Vehicle Originality & Repair:

Each Buick must be equipped with the following original or period items: Engine, clutch, transmission, rear end (differential), brakes,
steering and lights. No vehicle shall be disqualified based upon the use of radial tires, sealed beam/halogen headlights or the presence of a non-factory overdrive system.

Body and trim must be of components original and appropriate
for the year and model involved. The interior must be structurally unaltered and structurally complete.

The vehicle must be in reasonably clean condition.


The vehicle shall not be judged based upon cosmetics. The vehicle need not be painted an original color or have original upholstery and carpet. The body shell (components) need not be cosmetically repaired and no car shall be disqualified because of rust, deterioration or damage.

Safety Items:

Each car may have non-original items installed for safety purposes, such as, seat belts, turn signals, and stop lights. Each car is required to have a U/L approved fire extinguisher per BCA rules.


Each BCA member competing for the Buick National Driven Award must sign a certification that the foregoing rules have been satisfied. Any false certification will require a forfeiture and return of the Buick National Driven Award and disqualify the BCA member involved, and any Buick titled in such members name, from consideration for any such award in the future.

Judging Procedure:

There shall be no judging form used, completed or preserved except where an entrant is found not to qualify for a Buick National Driven Award. The BCA owner not receiving an award shall receive in writing a statement of explanation. No specific written form is required.

A windshield card and worksheet will be in the registration packet. The windshield card must be displayed on the windshield or dash and the completed worksheet left on the front seat. The owner shall complete the worksheet.

There shall be no separate classes and all qualifying vehicles shall receive identical Awards. A master list of entered vehicles and BCA owners shall be kept which shall indicate Awards received or not received.

Award Display:

Each Buick awarded a Buick National Driven Award may display the award on or in the vehicle as desired. The Buick National Driven Award shall not be displayed on another vehicle but only on the vehicle receiving the Award.

Competition Class:

A vehicle entered in the competition for the Buick National Driven Award may not be entered in any other award competition class at the National meet.


The decision of the judges will be final and there shall be no appeal.