The BCA Nomination Period is Open!

Any BCA member in good standing is eligible to run for the BOD. This means membership dues are current and, they have not been notified that there is a pending disciplinary action under consideration or implemented, by the BOD.

Any BCA Member can nominate another BCA member, and /or, themselves. All those nominated may decline their nomination. Those who accept the nomination are committed to attending all BOD Meetings, including the annual meeting conducted as part of the National Meet, as well as participating in the activities of the Board. Note: it is very important that Board Members can communicate effectively via the internet.

Why You Should Run

The BCA is a Social Organization governed by its own members through this Board of Directors. Membership on the board gives one the opportunity to guide the organization in the present, and set the course for the future.

Note: although Board Members are unpaid, the SOP’s outline several financial reimbursements available to seated Board Members.

How To Nominate

All nominations must be sent to the BCA Office Manager and/or the Club Secretary. Nominations may be sent via mail, or email, to the addresses as shown in the Buick Bugle.

Biography and Photo

Nominees should send a short biography and a self portrait picture to the editor of the Buick Bugle by Feb 20th. This deadline is not negotiable.

Biographies may include the candidate’s history with the club and any other pertinent details they wish to include. It can also include a short narrative concerning position on current topics, or plans for their tenure, if elected.

Picture should include only the candidate, preferably against a neutral background. Printed photographs must be mailed to the Editor of the Bugle with sufficient time to arrive by the cut off date. Electronic photos should be of high density, and may be e mailed before the due date.

Candidate pictures and Bio’s will appear in the April Bugle only, along with the Ballot and voting instructions. That does not preclude any candidate from further campaigning in any format they desire. New officers are installed at the BOD Meeting which is conducted at the annual National Meet.

There are 9 Board Members, each serving a 3 year term. Every year the term of 3 Board Members expires. Board members can be elected for two consecutive terms, a total of 6 years. (There are extraordinary circumstances which may result in a longer term)