NMC Conference Call – April 24, 2016


All members present except Bill Stoneberg. Kevin Kenny, Chairman began the meeting:

Jeff Brashares had previously sent a breakdown of the number of Registrations in all categories with the dollar amounts prepared by Mike and Nancy Book. Net to date totals $107,351.He also sent a list for a May 3rd meeting in Allentown with invited Guests and Attendees. Included was the daily itinerary for the week of the BCA Nat’l Meet.Jeff also reported a Tues July 26th noon lot opening,and a letter with space assignments will be sent, an there will be security at the gates and locked at night. The Model A Club will be responsible for trailer parking. No decision on Camper parking. 2017

Kris Syrdal & Bob Starzik Layout will be sent to the Bugle this week. The GS Club along with the Heartland and Chicago Land Chapters will help. There will be no Regional in 2017, so they will assist. The Nat’l could reach 500 cars.

2018 Kevin Kenny reported “California not panning out as expected” Had meeting last Tuesday but no report.

John Steed has been in contact with Kirt Priest with the Mile High Chapter which had a vote about having the ’18 Nat’l Meet. Looks like it might be a possibility.

Discussion followed John Steed’s question “What do we need to know from a chapter for the NMC to make a decision? Jack has previously sent out lists that would go to the board before presentation is made.

John Steed moved that we use the following criteria for determining the location of the 2018 BCA National.

A) Name of Chapter or Region( In the case of a Region making a proposal, the names of the participating Chapters should be included)

B) Meet director and assistant director’s names and contact information.

C) Estimated number of members committed to work on this Meet. (Members do no have to be Chapter members but this should be a confirmed number of people by the prospective Chapter / Region.

D) Proposed location or locations that the Chapter is considering (at this time, actual negotiation should probably be by Consulting firm the NMC has been using for this purpose.) Coordination of this should involve the Proposed Chapter/ Region.

In order to do item D the Mile High Chapter is allowed and encouraged to contact HelmesBrisco to help select and negotiate with the host hotel.

Motion was seconded by Jeff Brashares. Motion passed unanimously with Bill Stoneberg not present on the call.