The Buick Performance Group is now officially the “Performance Division of the BCA”

The Buick Club of America is proud to announce a new addition to our ranks. The Buick Performance Group is now officially the “Performance Division of the BCA”, complete with all the benefits and perks of BCA membership! We would like to formally welcome all 67 of their members into our family.

We would like to thank Sean Ryder, Brad Conley, and Ken Lisk of the BPG, and Alan Oldfield, Mike & Nancy Book, and the Board of Directors from the BCA for making this happen.

The BPG is a group of passionate Buick enthusiasts who focus on Buick performance as well as Buick history. We all feel that this new partnership is going to benefit both groups.

Please welcome the Buick Performance Group to the Buick Club of America!

Sean’s statement to the BPG is:
The BPG is now the Performance Division of the Buick Club of America

Events that led to the decision to approach the BCA to combine forces.

Over the past few years we have seen a decline in club membership and*also attendance at our National Event. Our annual event has traditionally consisted of the rental of a drag way in Ohio for exclusive enjoyment of our membership. While each event was positive in terms of expenses and income, we lacked enough earnings to continually expand the event. This appears to be the case with other national Buick performance related events. In short, we lack the critical mass to fully realize the potential of the BPG.

Late in 2014 we were offered the opportunity to continue twenty-five year tradition of the Buick Race*Day at Summit Motor Sports Park in Norwalk, Ohio. We were approached by the promoters of this event to take the reins in 2016. As we considered this an opportunity that would best serve our membership, we put our full effort toward supporting and enhancing this event in 2015. This did not happen so we pursued another avenue of joining another Club.

The BPG hosted a very successful car show offsite from the racing portion of the event in order to reinforce our ability to provide a top notch event for the Buick faithful. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we were never provided the financials related to the racing side of the event at and therefore could*not commit to taking on a 2016 event with fiscal prudence without see a profit/loss statement. The owner of Summit subsequently decided not to host any Buick event in the future, regardless of the group wishing to put on such event.

As a result, the BPG finds itself at a crossroads with a number of possible choices to consider:
Consider a one year event hiatus in order to be able to appropriately plan and secure a venue
Consider ending the club, which we believe would be to the detriment of our membership as we would end what has become a perennial event for many Buick faithful
Consider combining forces with another organization with a Buick-oriented audience where we would be complementary
For the obvious reason of wanting to continue to serve our membership in a meaningful way, the third option is the option of choice. In looking at other organizations where we would dovetail seamlessly, the BCA is the obvious organization to align our efforts with. So we did this.

We provided The BCA a copy of our membership and our* financials for review and to cross reference BCA and BPG memberships.
By way of organization legal definition, the BPG is a tax exempt nonprofit organization registered in the State of*Ohio.
We feel the*BPG can help the BCA grow by providing the BCA access to a large contingent of Buick fans dedicated to Buick performance and racing heritage.

The BPG started conceptually around racing, but has expanded in scope in recent years to include everyone that owns and drives a Buick. Our primary goal is*to promote Buick automobiles and Fun. Anyone who has attended a BPG event can attest to the family-like atmosphere and dedication between members and non-members alike who are perennial participants.

We believe that the BPG would provide value in coming fully under the auspices of the BCA. As an integrated part of the BCA, we believe additional decades of the 60?s, 70?s and 80?s Buick automobiles as well as performance enthusiasts would augment the BCA. With a focus on serving the membership of both groups, we respectfully request that the Board of Directors of the BCA take into earnest consideration the above information and our request to consider providing the opportunity for the BPG membership to have a continued avenue to participate in Buick events through BCA membership.

This has been on going process for the past few months with numerous e-mails and conference calls.

Here is the break down

if you are a current paid member of the BPG you will be a current member for the BCA

2016 BPG member 2016 BCA Member
2017 BPG Member 2017 BCA Member
Lifetime BPG Member 2019 BCA Member
if you are a current member of BCA it will be extended

if you wish not to join the BCA and want your membership dues refunded we will refund you. Just contact us.

I want to thank Brad Conley, Ken Lisk (as he put most of this together) and the BOD’s from the BPG and Mike and Nancy Book, Alan Oldfield, and Brian Clark and the BCA BOD’s for accepting the BPG into their fold. This is a win win for both clubs.

Sean Ryder